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Well, guess what? That is what I was once called - "The Sophisticated Paperboy". It was actually during a painful growing up period of my life and it was also one of the most revealing and useful periods of my life, too. That is the reason "The Sophisticated Paperboy" will be the title of my first book, which I am working on at this very moment.

This blog will in some ways be a preview of who I am and what I am interested in which will be revealed later, hopefully in a grand style, in the book.

So, friends, hang in there with me.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My "Hand-Up" For African Youth

My “Hand – Up” for African Youth
Hello, my name is Michael Gordon and I have developed a passion for African Youth. I am pictured here in the Volta Region of Ghana in West Africa. The spirit of these children seems not to be diminished by the poverty and fewer and fewer opportunities in Africa.
These young people for the most part study hard in school (when they have the chance to go to school) and strive to better themselves. In my many trips to Ghana I have tried to help individual students whom I have encountered. But, now, because of my own diminishing health and trying to survive on Social Security income, I need your help in continuing my “Ministry” in Africa.
This is “Paul”, whom I have made my son. I have been able to assist him with room and bard plus school fees all the way through secondary school and Central University in Accra. He graduated last year with a degree in Business Administration. He now wants to assist in developing a project to assure continued support of African Youth. With your help, we can begin a modest (at first), agricultural project that will provide jobs for the youth and export of unusual West African products. This is Moses (in the middle).
Moses is a homeless orphan who had been living in abandoned or unfinished buildings in my neighborhood in Accra. Eventually with my assistance, he attended the Kpando Vocational School in the Volta Region where he studied construction engineering. He just this week received his grade report after his graduation. He has finished with honors and qualifies to attend the prestigious Kumasi Polytechnic College. I have already secured for him housing with a minister and his family in Kumasi. I need your help in making his dream come true.
These are Michael, Jr, Thomas Apraku and me celebrating Thomas’ birthday in my home in Accra. Thomas lived in my home while he attended secondary school in Accra. He is now ready to attend the university. We are still trying to find the funds so that he can attend. His last surviving parent; his mother passed away a few months ago.
This is “Shambala”, my home I built in Accra Ghana to serve as a “bridge” between the USA and Africa. Many students and faculty members have resided there while studying about life in West Africa and developing understanding. A heart attack brought me back to the USA and the house is now being leased by a nice family there. Eventually, my plan was to develop Shambala into a hub of activity coordinating projects of assistance throughout West Africa, I cannot continue this Ministry alone. Want you help me with a modest donation? Please indicate whatever amount you can.

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