The Sophisticated Paperboy

Well, guess what? That is what I was once called - "The Sophisticated Paperboy". It was actually during a painful growing up period of my life and it was also one of the most revealing and useful periods of my life, too. That is the reason "The Sophisticated Paperboy" will be the title of my first book, which I am working on at this very moment.

This blog will in some ways be a preview of who I am and what I am interested in which will be revealed later, hopefully in a grand style, in the book.

So, friends, hang in there with me.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Received a Good Lesson Today In How To Manage My Blog

Today my friend, a young high school graduating senior, Samuel Mensah came by.

He introduced me to a new magazine which has an online edition. It is called "Ex-Teens". He wants to feature me regularly in it. In helping him, it forced me, through him, to learn how to manage my own blog. You may access his site at

Please look at it and let me know what you think?

The Sophisticated Paperboy

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saraphen said...

Thank you, Samuel, for showing the old man how to manage his blog